Skill Assessment, Easy as ABC! is a skill assessment platform for data and machine intelligence job suites. Companies and recruiters use to understand their candidates' technical skill levels.

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Our Features


Automatic Workflow

Our system handles all the steps with an automated workflow. From invitations to analysis. So you don't have to wait for a 3rd party.

High Quality Challenges

We focus only on data and machine intelligence domain. Our challenges are created and carefully tested by domain experts in the field.

Coding and Domain Knowledge

Our challenges include both coding and domain knowledge questions. This way, you have a complete view on your candidates' abilities.

Analysis for Big Data

In our coding challenges, we do more than checking for correctness. We analyse candidate's code for its efficiency which makes a big difference in big data domain.

Compare with Others

You don't have to figure out what 60% score means. We compare each candidate's performance with others in our system, so you can have a clearer understanding.

Time Efficient

You can prepare your assessments and send them away in a minute. Simply select which skills you wish your candidates to have from a list. As simple as that.

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How Does it Work?

How do you use

1. Select Skills

Candidates in data and machine intelligence field need to possess many different skills. Select the skills you expect from your candidates.

2. Invite Your Candidates

Invite your candidates to take the test. Your candidates will receive an email with all the information needed along with a link to the challenge.

3. Skill Report

After your candidate takes the challenge, our system automatically creates a skill report. This report includes actionable information about your candidate's skill levels.

It is all automatic. Start hiring with confidence in seconds.
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