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A Better Way for All.

You decided to expand your data-team. That is great news for everyone. When you start to receive applications, interview meetings fill up your data-team's calendar. Wouldn't it be better if they spend more time doing what they love, and less time on interviewing?

We've been there. That is why we built Elify.io. We believe that we provide a better way for everyone in your hiring processes.

Better for Businesses
  • Cut-cost by allocating your resources on strong candidates.
  • Reduce bias, go skill-driven.
  • Start data-teams from ground-up.
Better for Data-Teams
  • Interview with strong candidates only.
  • Focus on your craft, not on phone calls.
  • Identify strong technical candidates, not strong CVs.
Better for Applicants
  • Businesses are less biased with your personal background.
  • It is your skills that matters, not your CV.
  • More transparent hiring process.
91% of challengers were happy with their overall experience.
Personally received feedback from 32% of challengers.

Built by Data Scientists - Loved by Them.

We build and thrive the back of our users and challengers. Our challenges are built by data scientists and loved by who take them. We ask challengers to give us feedback via questionnaires and follow-up with a phone call.

"I like the platform! Works like a charm." - Data Scientist.

"Great job setting up and choosing the questions." - Data Science Team Lead

"Elify.io is a good idea. Challenges were pretty good." - Data Scientist.

Proud of our Users.

We are serving to more companies and challengers every month since Elify.io went live. We are excited to constantly on-board amazing companies from different industries.

Elify.io is Founded by Experts in the Field.

We are data scientists, machine learning engineers, and data analysts. Our team consists of professionals who have experience both in academic research and industry in this field. We are the ones who built and delivered data and machine intelligence solutions for big corporates around the globe.

Happy to Meet You.

We are located in the heart of Amsterdam at Bloemenmarkt (Flower market), just across beautiful Munttoren.
-> Pay us a visit at Singel 542 - Amsterdam,
-> Reach us at hello@elify.io,
-> Or, send us a message:

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